Hi! My name is JoAnn.  About Face Skincare by JoAnn is located in the Paris Salon in St. James, NY.   I believe that affordable skincare is a necessity.  I offer basic skincare tailored to your skin type, while you relax and allow yourself to be pampered!  
   Your skin is the largest organ in your body, it should be cared for on a daily basis. It  acts as a sponge and care should be taken with the ingredients of the products that you put on your skin, especially  products that you use everyday.   I offer a product line called Farmaesthetics, which is a company located in Rhode Island. These  products are made with  100% natural ingredients that are grown on the farm. They support the local organic farmers. You will not find one synthetic ingredient in any of the Farmaesthetic products. I advise everyone to look at the labels on their skincare products and Google each ingredient.  Be aware of what you are putting on your body, just as you would be aware of what you are putting into your body!  Your skin is a reflection of the health of your body!